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Summer Activities to Improve Spine Health

As outdoor activities become more common in Clear Lake, Texas, residents wonder how they can enjoy the season while taking care of their spine. Houston Physicians’ Hospital knows the importance of preventing back problems while being outdoors, so we’ve listed some activities to improve your spine health:

  • Swimming

If you have access to a pool, take some time to swim this season. Water places minimal pressure on the spine and allows for movement that can strengthen the surrounding muscles. Europe PubMed Central states that swimming is associated with a low incidence of back pain and spinal injury (1).

  • Walking

A stroll on a sunny day goes a long way in your spine care routine. This minimally strenuous exercise helps improve the stability of your spine. The European Spine Journal states that walking may be beneficial for those seeking to manage lower back pain (2). Aim for a pace that is challenging, but not exhausting, to keep your back feeling great.

  • Stand-Up Paddle Boarding

Stand-up paddle boarding is a great activity to help the spine and be adventurous. It is a low-impact activity that puts little stress on joints, muscles, and tendons supporting the spine. According to a study conducted by the University of Wisconsin, paddle boarding is also beneficial for strengthening the latissimus dorsi, a large muscle that connects the spine to the humerus (3).

Monitoring spine health is essential for enjoying warm weather activities without back pain. Reduce pain and get back to your life with our Spine Solutions Center. Call us at (281) 557-5620 or visit us at https://www.houstonphysicianshospital.com/contact-us/.

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These Symptoms mean it’s Time to see an Orthopedic Doctor

For some Clear Lake, Texas, patients, the onset of osteoarthritis is inevitable. However, an orthopedic doctor can help manage pain, relieve symptoms, and help you get back to your normal routine. At Houston Physicians’ Hospital, we know the importance of managing bone conditions like osteoarthritis, so we’ve listed some signs that mean it’s time to visit a medical professional for a treatment plan:

  • You Experience Joint Pain

Pain is the most common symptom of osteoarthritis, and it is typically the primary reason that prompts patients to seek medical attention [1]. Joint pain that is severe enough to restrict daily activities and movement indicate that an orthopedic specialist is needed. Ignoring the problem without a treatment plan can cause more pain over time, as the cartilage wears down and causes bones to rub together.

  • You Have Trouble with Movement

As osteoarthritis progresses, movement becomes more difficult. In fact, the strong association of pain intensity and severity of functional limitation has been well-documented [3] in patients with osteoarthritis. When daily tasks as simple as climbing stairs and bending the knees become extremely painful, it is best to seek the help of an orthopedic specialist.

  • Re-occurring Joint Problems

Joint pain, stiffness, instability and joint space narrowing are major clinical symptoms of osteoarthritis [2]. However, there are symptoms that, when frequent, specifically indicate worsening osteoarthritis. These signs include:

  • Bumps or bony spurs in the joint
  • Locking or buckling of joint
  • Hearing the joint pop or crack while moving

If the associated symptoms last for more than three days and joint problems occur several times during the month, it’s a good sign that you need to schedule an appointment with a medical professional.

Joint pain caused by osteoarthrosis can cause difficulty for many patients. However, with the help of an orthopedic doctor, we can help get you back to a pain-free life. Don’t let osteoarthritis hold you back. Call us at (281) 557-5620 or visit us at https://www.houstonphysicianshospital.com/contact-us/.



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ENT Doctor

ENT Doctor – Approved Spring Allergy Tips

While blooming flowers and green, leafy trees may be beautiful, the resulting pollen can quickly lead you to seek the help of an ENT doctor. In fact, studies show there is a strong correlation between high pollen count, during mid-spring, the sale of OTC allergy medications, and the number of visits to the asthma emergency department [1]. At Houston Physicians’ Hospital, we know that seasonal allergies are a common and frustrating problem, especially when symptoms become severe. We’ve listed some helpful tips that may increase the efficacy of your doctor provided treatment plan:

  • Utilize OTC Allergy Medicine

Depending on a patient’s individual situation, prescription treatment may not be recommended by an ear, nose, and throat specialist (ENT doctor) to help alleviate allergy symptoms. However, there are a number of over-the-counter (OTC) medications that can provide quick and effective relief from seasonal allergies. These antihistamines work by blocking your body’s response to an allergic trigger. OTC nasal sprays are also used to assuage allergy symptoms, but they may take more time to alleviate symptoms than an allergy pill.

  • Add Vitamin C to Your Diet

For an at-home remedy to alleviate allergy symptoms, adding a vitamin C supplement to the diet may help. A study was conducted to evaluate the role of vitamin C in the treatment of spring allergies.  According to the results, high-dose vitamin C reduces allergy symptoms, even when no other allergy medication is used [2]. This vitamin works by reducing the quantity of histamine in the blood, which is responsible for the unpleasant symptoms that accompany allergies. Patients can add more vitamin C by consuming more citrus fruits and cruciferous vegetables.

  • Limit Your Exposure to Allergens

On days where the amount of certain pollen you are allergic to is high, stay indoors as much as possible. This helps to limit your exposure to the allergen, so that allergy symptoms can be alleviated. This is also important because, according to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, constant and repetitive exposure to allergens may produce long-term changes in the structure of the affected organ and eventually may be responsible for loss of function [4].

While seasonal allergies may be common, they can be a serious problem if symptoms become severe. At Houston Physicians’ Hospital, we proudly provide the leading ENT doctors in Webster, Texas, to help patients find relief from seasonal allergies and other ear, nose, and throat issues. Call us at (281) 557-5620 or visit us at https://www.houstonphysicianshospital.com/contact-us/ to schedule an appointment.


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