Protect Your Back When Doing These Spring Activities

Spring has arrived, and many Houston, Texas, residents are excited to begin their favorite seasonal activity. However, with many spring activities, the risk for back pain increases. As a leading name in pain management in Webster, Texas, and the surrounding areas, Houston Physicians’ Hospital understands that no one wants to be held back from their favorite spring activities due to back pain. We’ve listed some easy ways you can protect your back when doing some popular spring activities:


  1. Running

If your spring exercise routine involves hitting the pavement for a run, you’ll want to add a viscoelastic insert into your running shoes to protect your back. These inserts redistribute the pressure beneath your feet and can reduce back pain by absorbing some of the shock as your feet hit the ground. In fact, according to the Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, adding these inserts into your shoes can help cushion the spine and reduce spinal damage (1) during activity.


  1. Golfing

Many residents in Webster, Texas, and the surrounding areas enjoy spending their season on the golf course. However, your favorite pastime can potentially contribute to back pain. To avoid back problems and spend more time golfing, the journal Clinics in Sports Medicine states that proper swinging mechanics are imperative (2). A hunched posture when swinging can place strain on the back, leading to an increase in back pain. When swinging, make sure to engage your core muscles to help ensure your back remains straight.


  1. Tennis

With the weather warming up, many people are excited to get to their favorite outdoor activities, such as tennis games. When it comes to orthopedic injuries associated with tennis, most people think of “tennis elbow.” However, tennis can also negatively impact the back. According to The Journal of Bone & Joint Surgery, sports that involve repetitive hyperextension movements are associated with higher rates of spondylolysis (3), or a stress fracture occurring in one of the vertebrae. To keep your back pain-free and avoid the need to see your local orthopedic hospital, avoid arching your back too much when serving. Instead, bend your knees and raise your heels to support and balance the weight from your upper body.


  1. Gardening

A popular springtime activity is spending the day planting beautiful flowers in a garden. However, hours of bending over to tend to your flowers can quickly lead to pain in the back. According to Occupational Medicine, repetitive bending movements actually increase the risk for back pain significantly (4).  To avoid any problems that lead to the need for a pain management doctor, consider using raised flower beds. This will allow you to enjoy gardening without the pain associated with frequently bending over.


Back pain can make your favorite spring activities seem like a hassle. Protecting your back when doing these activities can help you reduce pain and do the things you love. For an effective pain management plan to help you enjoy your favorite activities, give Houston Physicians’ Hospital’s Spine Solutions Center a call at 832-340-2134.



Hassle-Free Spring Cleaning: How to Clean Without Back Problems

As the new season approaches, many people in Webster, Texas, are getting ready to begin their yearly spring cleaning tasks. However, a simple spring cleaning becomes much more difficult for those dealing with back pain. At Houston Physicians’ Hospital, we know that back pain can be extremely frustrating when it holds you back from important tasks, so we’ve laid out some tips that will help you get your cleaning done while leaving your back pain-free:

  1. Enlist the Help of a Friend

You don’t have to take on major cleaning jobs alone. Enlist a friend to help share the work. Not only does this make the work go by faster, it can also prove helpful when it comes time to clean any hard-to-reach areas that require a ladder. According to the American Journal of Epidemiology, climbing ladders is one of the highest-risk activities that can cause back pain (1), so ask a friend for help with the ladder to avoid a trip to your nearest hospital in Webster.


  1. Stretch Before Cleaning

Although we may not view it as its own workout, cleaning is still a form of physical activity, and our orthopedic hospital recommends stretching beforehand to help alleviate back pain. According to the Group Health Research Institute, stretching has shown to be effective in reducing chronic low back pain (2). Begin stretching at the head and neck, and slowly work down through the spine and legs.


  1. Practice Proper Lifting Techniques

Sometimes, spring cleaning requires moving heavy objects from one part of the house to another. Before you begin lifting, make sure you are using proper techniques to avoid any potential back problems. To place the least amount of stress on your back, The Official Journal of the Chartered Institute of Ergonomics and Human Factors recommends lifting heavy weight with the strength of your legs (3).


  1. Be Aware of Your Body

Be sure to remain aware of how your body is feeling during your spring cleaning. If you notice any pain during your task, immediately stop what you are doing and take a rest. Continuing to “push through” the pain will only lead to further back problems down the road. In fact, the medical journal Annals of Medicine cites that 60% of back pain patients point to overexertion as the cause of their injury (4). Taking a break when you first notice pain can help debilitating injuries from occurring. If your pain persists for a few days, you may want to head to Webster’s leading orthopedic hospital, Houston Physicians’ Hospital to rule out any serious issues.


  1. Divide Up the Work

Your spring cleaning may be a bit more work than your back can handle in one day.  Break up any major tasks so they are completed over the course of a few days to avoid overworking your spine. According to the Journal of Occupational & Environmental Medicine, the prevalence of back pain increases as the number of working hours increased (5), so don’t be afraid to spend a few extra days on spring cleaning for the sake of your spine.


Spring cleaning is a much-needed task for many Webster, Texas, residents and can feel like an overwhelming challenge for those with back pain. These tips can help you get your cleaning done without the worry of irritating your back pain. If your back pain is routinely interfering with your everyday life, it’s time to seek the help of a leading orthopedic hospital in the Webster area. Give Houston Physicians’ Hospital’s Spine Solutions Center a call at 832-340-2134.