4 Steps to Saving Your Body from Spine Pain and Similar Conditions

Our bodies are delicate and complex. In fact, the human body is made up of hundreds of bones and billions of nerves. Every system in our body has its own purpose and function. Your spine is one of the most important parts of the body though. The spinal cord makes up the nervous system and musculoskeletal system. Since the spine is so valuable, there are several conditions and pains that result from your vertebrae. Pain may start because of tissues, nerves or bones in the spine. Our backbone is responsible for supporting the body in more ways than one so, always care for your spine with these 4 steps…

  1. Diagnose your spine pain
  2. Treat the spine then the symptoms
  3. Let your spine recover
  4. Prevent future spine pain



On your own, it’s difficult to diagnose a problem with the spine. The spine causes more types of pain than you think. Of course, back pain often relates to the spinal cord. However, neck, shoulder, hip and even foot pain can all start because of a problem with the spine. So, a diagnosis is your first step for reaching pain relief.

We recommend seeing a doctor that specializes in spine care. Physicians who treat spine pain include neurosurgeons, orthopedists, and pain specialists. If you visit your doctor because of a constant pain in the shoulder, do not be surprised if your diagnosis is a spine condition.



To fully heal from your diagnosis, follow your doctor’s instructions. Your physician will treat the condition itself so the symptoms eventually go away as you heal. Therefore, if you begin to self-diagnose, you’ll most likely start to ease your symptoms, not the spinal cord. Addressing your pain symptoms is only temporary pain relief. You need to treat the spine so you can fully heal and move to recovery.



Remember, the main goal of your treatment is to let the spine recover. You need time to heal, but if you get enough rest and follow your doctor’s orders, your body should fully recover. In addition to resting, you may also take medication and attend physical therapy sessions. Your treatment and recovery plan depends on your level of pain and the condition of your spine.



Once your spine heals and recovers from previous symptoms, it’s up to you to prevent further pain. If your spine treatment includes surgery, you may have certain limitations afterward. You may also be advised to limit activity that caused your initial spine problem. Work with your doctor so you know the best way to prevent future spine pain.

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