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Joint Camp

Find Peace of Mind Before and After Your Knee, Hip or Shoulder Surgery with Joint Camp in Southeast Texas

Joint Camp is a supportive and informational program at Houston Physicians’ Hospital designed to help patients comfortably transition from surgery to recovery. With motivational group activities, preoperative classes, and friendly staff members, we strive to create a wholesome, informative, and supportive environment for patients undergoing joint and shoulder surgery procedures. By gaining insight into what to expect before, during, and after the procedure, you will become more comfortable with the flow of things instead of feeling out of place. Joint Camp also addresses the foundational role of physical therapy post-treatment which helps patients recover with less stress and anxiety.

What Should I Expect at Joint Camp

Joint Camp helps patients feel informed, prepared, and motivated by providing them with specialized care, enhance recovery and patient camaraderie. They’re more comfortable with the process as they go through it with other patients undergoing similar procedures.

While most patients tend to feel a sense of fear prior to surgery, patients who experience Joint Camp have fewer concerns and doubts which helps them enter and exit the operation theater with more confidence and contentment.

In Joint Camp, you’ll share meals, therapy, and information sessions, thereby establishing a connection that goes beyond Joint Camp. The educational and recuperative sessions help you more easily settle into their regular routines after surgery. In fact, 90% of patients notice a dramatic reduction in pain post-surgery and most of them attribute their preparedness and consequent adjustment to the surgery to Joint Camp. While knee and hip replacement surgeries are extremely effective, they can be intimidating. When patients begin a surgical procedure not knowing what to expect during the procedure and aftercare, they tend to have more difficulty throughout the process. This prevents them from having a smooth experience and effective pain management at home.

What questions does Joint Camp answer?

Our Joint Camp generally addresses the following concerns:

  • How should I prepare for the operation?
  • What should I expect during the procedure?
  • Are there any precautionary measures I should take prior to surgery?
  • What should I expect during my hospital stay?
  • How should I prepare for discharge?
  • How should I ease into the recovery period post-surgery?
  • What steps should I take to ensure optimal aftercare?
  • Are there any activities I should avoid post-treatment?
  • Are there any habits I should develop post-treatment?
  • Do I require specialized equipment post-surgery?

In addition, our team of orthopedic surgeons, nurses, and recovered patients are there to answer any additional questions you may have. Our goal is to help you understand what to expect from your procedure and the entire process. You’ll find the Joint Camp experience encouraging and supportive to help you feel at ease and allow you to gain much-needed insight into the procedure.

The Houston Physicians’ Hospital Difference

With over 14.6 million Americans suffering from debilitating joint pain, knee and hip replacement surgery have become very common across the nation. According to research, over 4.7 million Americans have undergone knee replacement surgery and approximately 2.5 million have undergone hip replacement surgery.

At Houston Physicians’ Hospital, we offer an informative and engaging Joint Camp to help patients familiarize themselves with the procedure—beginning with pre-op and concluding with thorough aftercare. 

We go the extra mile to build a friendly, comfortable, and relaxing environment not just at Joint Camp, but throughout our hospital and physical therapy centers. If you’re undergoing joint, hip or shoulder surgery, Joint Camp is open to patients in Southeast Texas—including South Houston, Webster, Clear Lake, Galveston, and League City.