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healthy man after kidney stone treatment May 24, 2022

Treatments for Kidney Stones

Kidney stones are mineral and salt deposits that form when there’s a high concentration of these substances in the urine. They may start off as small and harmless stones but [...]

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number balloons May 20, 2022

How to Ease Neck Pain in Your 50s

If you’ve taken care of your health, hitting the age of 50 can be uneventful. You eat right, you exercise regularly, and you take care of yourself. But despite everything, [...]

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Grand Opening Celebration

February 11, 2022

Houston Physicians’ Hospital 333 Bistro

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Rock Steady Boxing Grand Opening

September 10, 2021

2323 Clear Lake City Boulevard, Suite 130 Houston, TX 77062

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Rock Steady Boxing

February 29, 2020


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Focus on Nutrition

February 12, 2020

Main Office

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Parkinson’s Summit

February 1, 2020

Main Office

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