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an MRI technologist setting up a 3T MRI scan for a patient
Mar 28, 2023
What Is 3T MRI, and How Does It Work?                     

3T MRI leverages the power of ultra-strong magnets to produce a 3-tesla magnetic field. This is three times as powerful as conventional fields used in traditional MRI scanners. As a [...]

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a woman with vertigo at the gym
Mar 21, 2023
Exercise Dos and Don’ts for People with Vertigo         

Vertigo is the sensation that you are spinning, moving, or shifting, or the space around you is. People with mild vertigo experience slight disorientation; it’s barely noticeable. However, for some [...]

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Never Ignore a Concussion Infograph
Mar 15, 2023
3 Critical Reasons To Never Ignore a Concussion           

If you experience trauma to your head, seek medical attention immediately.

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a man sittin on wall grabbing his bandaged knee after surgery
Mar 14, 2023
A Complete Aftercare Guide for Knee Replacement…

According to the Administration for Community Living, one in four American adults has chronic knee pain. Based on the severity of the symptoms and the condition, treatments can range from pain [...]

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a model of a heart with a bandage on it and a stethoscope
Mar 9, 2023
Heart Valve Disease: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment       

The heart has four valves—tricuspid, pulmonary, mitral, and aortic—that maintain blood flow in the correct direction. When one of these valves doesn’t open or close correctly, blood flow can be [...]

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woman on couch holding neck looking concerned
Mar 2, 2023
What You Should Know About Spasmodic Dysphonia             

Spasmodic dysphonia is a common neurological disorder that affects a person’s voice and speech. It’s caused by involuntary contractions of the vocal cord muscles (collectively known as the voice box). [...]

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