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When Should You Visit a Cardiologist?

Your heart is the most powerful organ in your body, and it works overtime to keep you healthy, functioning, and alive. It works around the clock, from pumping blood to all your vital organs to maintaining your blood pressure. However, far too many of us are guilty of ignoring our heart and its health. There are various preexisting conditions as well as signs and symptoms that you should keep an eye out for and visit a cardiologist about.

Among the many reasons to seek medical attention and care, here are some of the most evident ones:

You’re experiencing chest pain

Chest pain can occur for several reasons, including muscle strain and injured ribs. However, if the pain is recurring, it’s important to have any cardiovascular cause ruled out by a professional. A cardiologist can identify and run tests for any abnormalities and detect whether the pain in your chest is due to a cardiovascular reason.

Your blood pressure is higher than usual

Another cause for concern that you shouldn’t ignore is high blood pressure. Many people neglect their changing and rising BP, but it could indicate heart disease, hypertension, or other problems that can result in serious issues such as heart attacks and angina. A cardiologist at our specialty hospital in Webster, TX, will be able to help you get your blood pressure under control.

 A person checks their blood pressure using a sphygmomanometer.

You’re having palpitations

Palpitations, fainting spells, and dizziness are other indicators of heart problems that should not be ignored. While some of these symptoms are associated with anxiety and other issues, they could be symptoms of cardiovascular health issues and complications that are important to address. Don’t ignore these symptoms or take them lightly, especially if they are recurring.

You have diabetes or high cholesterol

Comorbidities like diabetes and high cholesterol are very likely to be linked to heart disease and cardiovascular conditions. If you’ve been diagnosed with either or both of them, it’s important to work closely with a cardiologist to manage symptoms and monitor your heart’s health as these conditions impact you.


The cardiology and electrophysiology specialists at Houston Physicians’ Hospital, a surgical hospital in Webster, can provide you with a wide range of treatments for conditions affecting your heart. The Heart and Vascular Center for Excellence delivers a variety of innovative treatments and programs, including cardiac catheterization, pacemakers, and more.

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