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All You Need to Know About Urogynecology

Urogynecology is a field of medicine that focuses specifically on disorders and conditions of the female pelvic floor, including its muscles, ligaments, and tissues. It’s a subspecialty of gynecology as a whole and is also known as female pelvic medicine and reconstructive surgery.

Many women experience issues with their pelvic floor as a result of childbirth, menstruation, and certain health conditions, including endometriosis, obesity, and constipation, as well as many lifestyle activities, such as heavy lifting.

Let’s learn more about this subspecialty here.

What makes a urogyn special?

Urogynecology is heavily focused on pelvic floor disorders (PFDs) and the diseases and conditions associated with them. It uses a wide range of treatments and interventions to deliver results, and specialists in this field, commonly referred to as urogyns, are trained specifically to handle these conditions.

To become a specialist in this field, one must undergo training in both gynecology and urology, two of the most demanding fields of medicine, and have a keen understanding of how this overlap affects women. Fortunately, our specialty hospital in Webster, TX, is home to some of the leading experienced urogynecologists in the Houston area.

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What conditions do urogyns treat?

Urogynecologists treat a wide range of PFDs and related issues, such as uterine, cervical, bladder, and pelvic floor prolapse; incontinence due to stress, childbirth, or other issues; severe pelvic pain; menstrual issues; constipation; pain during sexual intercourse; burning during urination; and more, that women experience at different stages of their lives, especially following childbirth, when the pelvic floor is affected.

However, apart from childbirth, heavy lifting and strenuous activity, age, and genetics, other factors also contribute to PFDs and the complications associated with them.

When should I see a urogynecologist?

You should meet with a urogyn if you experience any of the conditions or symptoms mentioned above or other symptoms, including:

  • A visible bulge or growth appearing in the vagina
  • Sensations of heaviness, fullness, tugging, or pain in the vagina, especially at the end of the day or while passing stool
  • Struggling to urinate or empty your bladder fully
  • Incontinence when you cough, laugh, or move vigorously
  • Needing to urinate frequently and urgently
  • Developing urinary tract infections often

If you struggle with any of these signs or symptoms, consult an experienced urogynecologist in Webster, TX, to address the causes of your condition.

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