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The Importance of Early Treatment for Enlarged Prostate

Enlargement of the prostate, also known as benign prostate hyperplasia (BPH), is pretty common and often benign, so much so that according to sources at Harvard University, half of all men aged 60 and over will have this condition.

While an enlarged prostate doesn’t pose significant health threats or issues per se, it can be troublesome in that it causes complications with bladder control and general discomfort.

That’s why it’s important to get a diagnosis and treatment for your enlarged prostate and offset uncomfortable symptoms. Here’s why the doctors at Webster Specialty Hospital recommend early intervention for the best results:

Early intervention minimizes pressure and damage

Many men suffer from extreme discomfort and issues due to BPH, and early treatment and intervention can take off much of that pressure and discomfort. You will experience a lot more freedom as you feel your bladder lighten. Treatment can also minimize damage to your bladder which is great in the long run.

Worsening BPH can lead to urinary tract infections

BPH can cause more UTIs as it progresses and goes unchecked and undetected. BPH causes obstruction in the urinary tract which leads to increased pressure and complications, making it absolutely vital to treat early on. Prioritize your urological health and avoid UTIs with early intervention.

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Patients may develop bladder stones and urinary retention

Many patients with BPH go on to develop bladder stones and suffer from urinary retention as a result of BPH. As urine is trapped inside and the bladder is unable to empty itself fully, these painful bladder calculi cause increased pressure, infections, and more. Sometimes they resolve and pass on their own, but if they don’t you will need surgery or other medical treatments.

Untreated BPH can lead to kidney damage and infections

Untreated or progressive BPH can lead to significant kidney damage and infections that can also prove fatal. Renal failure is a common outcome of BPH, since urine cannot be eliminated from the body, causing retention of bacteria and other serious problems.

The sooner you get your diagnosis and treatment for an enlarged prostate, the lower your chances of developing further health complications. You can learn more about treatments by visiting our website’s urology page. At Houston Physicians Hospital, TX, our urologists can help you. Visit our website to find a urologist who’s right for you and click their profile to schedule an appointment to get help for your condition.