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Do I Need Surgery for My Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Condition?

Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) affects roughly one to five percent of the population, making this hand condition fairly common. CTS typically occurs due to repetitive motions and actions, including typing, writing, sports, and more. The symptoms include severe pain, limited mobility, and numbness, making it difficult to treat or manage without proper medical intervention.

Treatments for this condition vary and include everything from lifestyle changes, like exercise and stretching, to surgery. At Houston Physicians’ Hospital in Webster, TX, we like to explore noninvasive treatments before considering surgery. Here are the things to consider before you opt for CTS surgery:

Nonsurgical Treatments for CTS

If you visit an orthopedic hand specialist, they will likely look at noninvasive and nonsurgical treatments to alleviate your CTS symptoms. These include an array of recommendations, including:

  • Wrist braces and splints
  • Yoga
  • Physical therapy
  • Hand exercises and stretching
  • Lifestyle modifications (reduced activity)
  • Ice baths and soaks
  • Steroid medication to manage inflammation

Some of these treatments are effective for minor CTS cases, but they may not relieve the pain and numbness in more severe instances. If symptoms are recurring, not subsiding or reducing, and getting worse, your specialist may recommend surgery.

A person with hand and wrist pain grips their wrist with their opposite hand.

When Is Surgery Necessary?

When the symptoms of CTS persist for six months or more without improvement after noninvasive methods have been exhausted, it may be necessary to consider hand surgery. As the pain and numbness continue, it could cause long-term, irreversible damage, increased pain, and further inflammation in the carpal tunnel, wrist tendon, fingers, and surrounding areas.

Hand surgery can help offer relief for patients by reducing key symptoms with minimal downtime and quick recovery following the surgery. Your hand specialist will likely recommend lifestyle changes and adjustments as you heal to prevent the condition from recurring.

Where Can You Get Hand Surgery for CTS?

At Houston Physicians’ Hospitals in Webster TX, you can learn more about CTS surgery and treatment. We serve patients there and in surrounding areas like Clear Lake, League City, and other cities south of Houston.

You can learn more about hand surgery for CTS by visiting the website for Houston Physicians Hospital Webster in Webster, TX. Our orthopedic hand specialists are some of the leading surgeons in the region, treating various hand conditions, including CTS. Visit our webpage to learn more and scroll down the page to find an orthopedic hand specialist who’s right for you, then click on their profile to make an appointment directly with their office.