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4 Signs That Indicate Minor and Major Sinus Issues

About 35 million Americans get sinusitis at least once a year, making it incredibly common, along with other sinus issues. It can be quite disruptive and painful to manage, hindering your breathing and causing headaches as well as many other symptoms you should look out for.

Among the most common signs of sinusitis or related problems are the following, and if you’re experiencing them, visit Houston Physicians’ Hospital to find a specialist who practices at our hospital in Webster, TX, who can help you.

1. Facial Pressure and/or Pain and Headaches

Sinus infections often cause inflammation and blockages in the sinuses. When they’re infected, they may lead to pain and tenderness around the face, including your nose, forehead, eyes, jaw, and cheeks. This pain also triggers sinus headaches, which can be incredibly uncomfortable and feel like intense pressure in the front of your skull.

A man holding tissues in one hand and nose spray in the other.

2. Postnasal Drip and a Runny Nose

A runny nose is another common sign of a sinus infection, where mucus makes its way from your sinuses into your nasal passages and is expelled as yellow, green, or even clear fluid. Often, however, you may also experience postnasal drip, where the discharge goes straight down your throat and can feel like fluid oozing down. As a result of postnasal drip, you might develop an itch, sore throat, or irritation.

3. Nasal Blockages and Congestion

Apart from runny noses and postnasal drip, you may also experience nasal inflammation, leading to blockages and congestion. This may prevent you from breathing in clearly and lead to you struggling with smell and taste, too. However, this is generally temporary and bound to resolve as your infection subsides.

4. Sore Throat, Coughing, and Irritation

Lastly, in addition to the above and other symptoms, you may also experience a sore throat, cough, and irritation that gets triggered or worsens when you lie down. This is due to your sinuses draining into your throat (refer to postnasal drip) and irritating the region, but for many, coughing is not always persistent.

Most sinus issues and symptoms are treatable and easily managed through over the counter or prescribed medications. However, if symptoms persist, you can find an otolaryngologist (aka, an ear, nose, and throat physician, or ENT) through Houston Physicians Hospital in Webster, TX. Visit our ENT webpage to learn more, then find the right ENT specialist near you and contact their office directly to schedule an appointment.