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Tips for Preventing Orthopedic Injuries During Exercise and Physical Activity

Orthopedic injuries can happen to anyone, even the most seasoned athletes and physically active and strong people. You don’t have to be lifting your body weight in squats in order to hurt yourself in a bad fall, or perform some crazy stunt to end up with a fracture. These injuries can happen anytime, anywhere, and to anyone.

However, there are some great tips to help you avoid orthopedic injuries while working out, including the following that we recommend at League City Surgical Hospital, TX.

Implement a strict warm-up and cool-down routine

If you’re not incorporating a warm-up and cool-down routine in your workout, you’re putting yourself at risk of orthopedic injuries. You should make sure your muscles are properly ready for a workout, whether you’re lifting weights, running and jumping, or moving in some other way. Similarly, you should also do a cool-down routine to ensure your body is relaxing and you’re avoiding soreness and injuries.

Be sure to stretch your joints and muscles effectively

You should also make sure that you’re stretching regularly to avoid injuries and pain. Stretching allows your joints and muscles to recover more effectively after tough exercises or sports. It prevents stiffness, soreness, and limited range of motion, allowing you to lengthen, release, and recover with ease. Keep your joints, bones, tendons, and connective tissue safe with a healthy mix of dynamic and static stretches.

A woman climbs a rock to stay fit and active.

Don’t shy away from protective gear and equipment

You’re no less of an athlete if you use protective gear and equipment. In fact, you’re better for it because you’ll minimize the occurrence and impact of orthopedic injuries by doing so. Mouth guards, joint braces, belts to protect your back, harnesses to keep you secure, helmets, and protective clothing are all important to use. They’ve been designed to keep you safe, and you should incorporate them into your workouts and physical activities as needed.

Always follow proper form and technique in the gym

Even seasoned individuals slip up when it comes to their form in the gym. Always use proper technique, be mindful of movements, and consult a trainer if you’re struggling. Improper lifting technique, incorrect use of machinery and equipment, and pushing yourself too hard or too far can have debilitating consequences on your safety. Don’t be that person! Check your ego at the door. It’s better to ask for help than to end up with complications and orthopedic injuries!

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