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Text Neck Epidemic: How to Alleviate Discomfort and Improve Your Posture

Text neck affects about 62% of people in the US, which means it’s incredibly common for both young and old. It’s because we’re on our devices constantly, tilting our heads at an unnatural angle to use our phones, laptops, tablets, and more.

Not only does this strain your neck and spine, leading to malformation and issues like humps and curves forming, but it also causes neck pain and discomfort. Here are some tips from doctors at the Houston Physicians’ Hospital Spine Solutions Center on how you can alleviate text neck:

Take regular, frequent breaks while you work

The best thing to do while you’re at work or going about your day is to take breaks. Put your device away for a while, take a short walk around your room or office, and give your neck some relief. It’s one of the simplest ways to minimize neck pain from text neck.

Realign your devices and their angles while using them

Second, make sure your devices are aligned and adjusted for the most ergonomic position. Elevate your phone or laptop in a way that allows you to look straight rather than down and take pressure off your neck. It’s an effective method for minimizing text neck and improving your posture simultaneously.

A man leans forward while texting to avoid straining his neck.

Perform regular exercises to relieve pressure and pain

Work with physical therapists and orthopedic doctors at Houston Physicians Hospital Webster, TX, to learn exercises that will alleviate neck pain and correct your posture. They will teach you not only how to realign your spine but also what you can do at home to take that stress off.

Stretch regularly, and arch your back and shoulders

Lastly, remember to stretch and arch your back regularly. This will help you loosen up the muscles in the region, reduce pain and stress, and realign your neck, back, and shoulders through movement.

Are you struggling with neck pain from using your phone or electronic device every day? Learn more about neck pain causes and treatments by visiting our website. At League City Specialty Hospital, our orthopedic spine specialists can leverage advanced imaging technology like 3T MRI to see more vivid images of tissue, which helps them diagnose more accurately and apply more effective treatments. On our website, you can find a doctor who’s right for you and schedule an appointment with them today.