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Should I Take My Daughter to See a Gynecologist?

While you may have scheduled your first gynecological appointment in your early 20s, doctors are now suggesting that early gynecological care is essential for young women.

According to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG), parents should take their daughters to see a gynecologist when they’re 13–15. While some parents may frown upon this, it’s important to note that gynecological care is essentially about ensuring optimal female health with regard to the reproductive system.

A timely gynecological appointment can go a long way in helping your teenage daughter feel informed about her female reproductive system. In addition, it can help maintain the healthy functioning of her reproductive organs and detect diseases or abnormalities, if any.

teenager meeting with a gynecologist

Here are some reasons why you should take your daughter to see a gynecologist at the recommended age:

Ensure Healthy Menstruation

The average age for the onset of menstruation is 12.6 years in the U.S. A timely gynecological appointment can help your daughter learn more about menstruation, while also letting her discuss her symptoms, e.g. cramps, mood swings, etc.

In some cases, girls may experience irregular, early, or late menstruation within the first few years of the onset of puberty. Identifying these discrepancies is essential for detecting a potential hormonal imbalance and taking measures accordingly. A gynecologist will take care of these concerns while making sure your daughter feels comfortable, informed, and reassured.

Ensure Vaginal Health

teenager consulting a gynecologist in Houston

With the onset of menstruation, vaginal health becomes extremely important. A gynecologist will check for any signs and symptoms of vaginal conditions like pelvic inflammatory disease (PID), vulvovaginitis, etc. They’ll also create an individualized plan for optimal vaginal health, including essential hygiene tips like changing sanitary pads and/or tampons every 4–6 hours, and more.

Create An Open Dialogue About Puberty, Hygiene, STIs, STDs, Contraception, Sexuality, Mental Health, And More 

Depending on your daughter’s age, the discussions around female health will vary. For young girls, the focus is on menstrual health and hygiene. As your daughter gets older, she’ll be provided with sex education as well. The gynecologist will cover important issues ranging from STIs and STDs to contraception, and more.

Allow Them to Safely and Comfortably Voice Their Concerns

In many cases, girls are hesitant to talk to their parents—even their mothers—about bodily changes and female health. While sex education is provided to students in middle and high school, it’s not specific to their subjective concerns.

Scheduling a gynecological appointment is a great way to allow your daughter to safely and comfortably voice her concerns without feeling hesitant, judged, or embarrassed. Important conversations about consent and reproductive health will go a long way in helping your child make informed decisions and maintain optimal female health.

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