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Keeping Your Joints Healthy: A Guide

Age-related physical changes are inevitable as people get older. From wrinkles and graying hair to decreased agility and strength, a person undergoes various transformations.

Aging naturally also means deteriorating joint health. As you get older, so do your joints. They’re no longer as flexible and sturdy as they used to be, putting you at a greater risk of musculoskeletal injuries. Conditions such as arthritis also take a toll on joint health, affecting their function.

Here are a few ways older adults can keep their joints healthy:

Stay Active

Contrary to what many believe, physical activity is of the utmost importance for older individuals. This doesn’t mean you should overexert yourself, but you shouldn’t stay confined to your home under the guise of resting. Incorporate some physical activity into your routine, even if it’s just 10 minutes of walking in your backyard. Alternatively, you can participate in indoor activities that get you moving.

Joint inactivity does more harm than good. It can make you more susceptible to inflammation and injury, limit your movement, and lead to joint discomfort. It’s advisable for older individuals, including arthritis sufferers, to keep their joints active. From doing low-impact exercises and stretches to performing chores that don’t tire you out, there are plenty of ways to keep your joints moving.

Improve Muscle Strength

Joint health can also be improved by improving muscle strength. This is an especially useful strategy for individuals with hip arthritis or similar conditions, as it helps stabilize the joint and provide better cushioning to the bones.

Older individuals have different nutritional requirements than those of younger adults, and dietary changes also impact joint health. A protein-rich diet helps strengthen muscles and improve joint stability. Similarly, eating foods with greater vitamin and calcium content is also recommended.

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Don’t Neglect Musculoskeletal Injuries

As obvious as it may sound, you should not ignore any muscle, bone, or joint injuries, even if they seem trivial. Just because it isn’t causing much pain or discomfort at the moment doesn’t mean it can’t exacerbate. Instead of underestimating your symptoms, consult an orthopedic Specialist Webster TX at the earliest to ensure no serious damage has occurred.

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