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How to Stretch the Hip Joints

Stretching is a form of exercise and physical therapy that can save the body from chronic joint pain. Joints like the shoulders, elbows, and knees may tighten so stretching is one easy way to relieve chronic pain. However, when people feel their hips tighten, stretching may not come as easily. The hips are large ball and socket joints so there are specific types of stretches that help the hips and surrounding muscles. Anyone can perform these hip stretches. Physical therapists will often recommend stretching the hips in the morning or right before exercising.

Stretching has several benefits. Stretching each morning helps the body wake up and prepare for the day. Hip stretches can help with the following benefits:

• Pain relief
• Strength
• Flexibility

Pain relief, strength and flexibility all save the hips from chronic pain conditions. If the hips are stiff, weak and in constant pain, these symptoms may grow into a full disorder. Above all, stretch every day for these major hip benefits and more.


Hip Stretches for Pain Relief

The hips are like any other joint since they may suffer from chronic osteoarthritis. Hip arthritis causes daily pain for some patients. So, stretching the hips as the day starts can help relieve chronic hip pain. People with arthritis hip pain can try lunges or squats that help all the hip muscles and ligaments stretch. Start with forward facing lunges and as the stretching routine becomes easier, try side or backward lunges to work different parts of the hips and thighs.


Hip Stretches for Strength

In particular, the thigh muscles help protect the hips. So, thigh stretches that build strength will help with support for the hips as well. Work the inner thighs and outer things for maximum strength. There are yoga balls and bands that can help with thigh workouts. The resistance from yoga bands helps with strengthening while leg lifts with a small yoga ball can also help the thigh and hip muscles.


Hip Stretches for Flexibility

Flexibility can help with overall hip movement. Flexible hips keep the joints from stiffening and helps with daily exercise. Hip flexibility will grow over time if a person practices these exercises daily. Hip stretches can be as simple as sitting on the floor and touching the toes. Stretch gradually and know your body’s limits. A foam roller can help beginners with these kinds of hip stretches.