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Here’s How Working From Home Is Causing Your Neck Pain

The idea of remote working typically leads us to believe that we’ll be working in a comfortable and relaxed environment, and thus, will be more productive. However, we often skip work-from-home ergonomics and how they actually affect our overall health.

Take neck pain, for instance. Since the COVID-19 pandemic started, there has been an increase in complaints of neck pain and stiffness. So what could be causing neck pain when you’re working from your comfy home? Let’s take a look.

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You Don’t Have a Dedicated Workspace

Be honest; have you set up a proper desk or workstation for yourself at home? Many people fail to prepare a designated workspace when they’re working remotely and end up in a more relaxed setting than they should. While working from your couch or even your bed may seem to be the comfier and more enjoyable option, it’s not something you should adhere to for the long haul.

If you haven’t already, set up a dedicated workstation at home. You can use a desk or a table for this. Next, invest in a firm office chair to pair with your table. Make sure the heights of both these tools align so that you’re comfortable. Of course, you can take a break from your desk after a few hours and shift to the couch for a short while, but don’t make it a point to work while slouching on the sofa for hours on end. Doing so will only result in neck pain and backache.

You’re Not Sitting in the Right Posture

Setting up a workstation alone won’t do. You may still experience neck pain despite working from a well-adjusted desk and chair. Why may that be the case?

Working a desk job isn’t exactly ideal for your overall posture, especially if it requires you to be glued to your computer screen all day. It’s imperative that you remain mindful of your postural health and take measures to maintain a good posture while you’re working.

For instance, keep your knees bent at a 90- to a 120-degree angle and your feet flat. Instead of leaning in toward your computer screen, adjust the monitor height to align with your eye level. This will prevent you from tilting your head or bending your neck constantly. If your work involves making a lot of calls, consider getting a headset so that you can keep your chin and neck raised high and don’t have to balance your phone between your neck and shoulder.

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You’re Not Moving Around

Even sitting in the best posture can cause neck pain if you stay glued to your desk all day. Make it a point to get up every two hours or so and stretch your muscles to prevent any knots and muscle tension.

For neck pain specifically, do a few neck stretches to keep the muscles active and flexible. Set a reminder for yourself so that you get into the habit of performing neck exercises regularly, both at and away from your desk.

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