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Here’s How an Orthopedic Spine Surgeon Can Help You

Many people experience back and neck pain but fail to understand how these problems can be caused by underlying conditions in their spine or bones. Fortunately, orthopedic spine specialists can play a significant role in diagnosing these conditions and providing the best treatment in order to help you find relief.

Neck pain

An Accurate Diagnosis

Orthopedic spine surgeons understand the pain or discomfort you may be experiencing in your spinal area. Many people try self-diagnosis, but rarely does this lead to an effective remedy. Your physician has the experience to consider your symptoms and perform a thorough assessment using the latest imaging and diagnostic technology to pinpoint the underlying condition causing your pain. This allows your physician to provide a more accurate and effective care plan that will address the real condition instead of masking the pain.

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Nonsurgical or Minimally Invasive Treatments

The physician specialists at Houston Physicians’ Hospital strives to address critical health issues like back and neck pain through noninvasive remedies rather than promote invasive surgical methods as a first option. Other than in extreme circumstances, a qualified orthopedic spine surgeon leverages his or her experience and insight to find the right treatments that create relief with the most rapid recovery time.


But if necessary after considering and possibly trying every reasonable noninvasive option, these medical professionals will modify the personalized treatment plan to consider surgical procedures that will work for you. They’ll also be there to provide you with optimal care from the diagnosis to postoperative care and beyond.

Spinal Health Promotion and Maintenance

After you are treated by an orthopedic spine surgeon, you need to commit to achieving optimal spinal health through ongoing therapy and changes in your lifestyle. Your surgeon will provide you with post-surgical health tips and lifestyle practices that you can adopt to prevent your spine condition from relapsing in the future.


They may encourage you to lose weight, get regular exercise, quit smoking, sit in an ergonomic chair at work, and more to both maintain and improve your spinal health and overall well-being. Physical therapy may also be part of your plan.

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Looking for an orthopedic spine specialist who can help you find relief from spine pain and other related issues? If you live in the Brazoria County area, schedule an appointment with us at the Spine Solutions Center at Houston Physicians’ Hospital in Webster, Texas. Our hospital has a team of the best spine surgeons in the area who can help you get an accurate diagnosis and treatment options for your condition. Click here to learn more and to find an orthopedic spine specialist who’s right for you. We serve patients all over the Clear Lake area, including League City, Galveston, and Webster.