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Helping Seniors with Arthritis

Arthritis is widely prevalent in the United States affecting 54.4 million US adults each year. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that for people between the ages of 45 and 64, the incidence of arthritis was 29.3 percent, while it was 49.6 percent for those over 65 years.

These trends point toward the fact that age plays a major role in the incidence of arthritis. Seniors with arthritis face the debilitating effects of the randomized flare-ups at any time of the day.

If you have arthritis, you may be experiencing joint swelling, stiffness, tenderness, redness, and trouble moving that are associated with the disease. All symptoms tend to worsen with age.

No two people experience arthritis the same way. Different types of this ailment affect people differently. For example, osteoarthritis is a common joint disorder that affects 10 percent of men and 13 percent of women over the age of 60. This type of arthritis is usually associated with disability and difficulty performing regular tasks.

Rheumatoid arthritis is an inflammatory disease affecting the joints causing pain, swelling, and stiffness for about 1.3 million American adults. This autoimmune disease is prevalent among seniors causing infection that can shorten the lifespan of the affected person.

Senior exercisingWhat can you do?

Dealing with a debilitating disease like arthritis can take a toll on anyone. The symptoms can make everyday tasks difficult for older adults. The lack of mobility and excruciating pain can be eased with low-impact exercise, therapies and diet.

Daily exercises

Stiff joints can be loosened by engaging in light exercise like walking and swimming which are great ways to keep moving. This activity will relax your muscles and increase mobility over time. The Arthritis Foundation claims that walking strengthens muscles and helps shift joints nourishing and exercising them. Watch how the rehabilitation services at Houston Physician’s Hospital continue to help seniors regain mobility from ailments like arthritis.

Temperature-based treatments

Thermal modalities can reduce the pressure on your muscles and joints. Ease and relax them by applying a warm compress or soaking in a warm bath. This way, you can help them soothe painful joints at least temporarily.

Avoid certain foods

Making dietary changes can do wonders in reducing inflammation. Research shows that older adults who avoid sugars, processed meats, and refined carbs will holistically improve their quality of life. Adopting healthy habits as a patient of arthritis is just as important as exercising.

For some seniors, joint replacement surgeries have been proven effective for bringing lasting relief. If you, or someone you know, is dealing with arthritis, help them find the help they need.

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