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Gynecological Cancer: Early Detection and Treatment

There are several different types of gynecological cancers, including uterine cancer, which is the most common, and vaginal cancer, which is the least common. Women of all ages, ethnicities, and reproductive pasts can develop these cancers due to a variety of factors, ranging from lifestyle issues to health conditions and diseases like genital human papillomavirus (HPV), genetic factors, and more.

Here are some important things to know about these types of cancer and about treating them at a reliable hospital like Houston Physicians’ Hospital.

Types of gynecological cancers

There are several types of gynecological cancers that women must know about, including ovarian, cervical, vaginal, uterine, and vulvar. They vary in incidence and presence and have varying degrees of aggression and impact as well.

What’s common, however, is that these cancers affect women’s reproductive and sexual organs and need to be treated by experienced gynecologists and gynecological surgeons.

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Common symptoms to look out for

While there are specific symptoms for each type of cancer, ranging from growths and masses to problems with performance and pain, there are also certain common symptoms. Knowing the following symptoms can make early detection easier and help you consult a doctor sooner in regard to any type of gynecological cancer:

  • Vaginal bleeding that falls outside your regular menstrual cycle
  • Post-menopausal bleeding, which is also unusual and unlike spotting
  • Discomfort in your pelvic region, including issues like itching, inflammation and swelling, and irritation
  • Feelings of pressure, discomfort, and pain in your abdomen, especially internally

Types of treatment for gynecological cancers

Depending on the type and progression of your gynecological cancer, once diagnosed, you might be expected to undergo various types of treatments in tandem with one another. These include chemotherapy, radiation, surgical removal of a mass or tumor, hormonal interventions, and more.

Each case varies depending on the patient’s history, the disease’s progression, and other factors. Working with an experienced team of physicians is key to long-term disease management and treatment.

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