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Four Reasons Hip Pain Affects Women More Often Than Men

Hip pain is a common complaint among adults and can lead to functional disability. Chronic hip pain affects active adults at a higher rate, afficting 30%-40% of adults who play sports. It also affects 12%-15% of adults over 60.

Moreover, research also shows that hip pain is much more common in women than men. See this comparison:

Woman not suffering from hip pain

  • Ages 45 to 54: 9.7% of all women and only 4.6% of men
  • Ages 55 to 64: 10% of women and 7.1% of men
  • Ages 65 to 74: 12.6% of women and 6% of men

Clearly, the occurrence of hip pain in middle-aged and older women is much more common than in men.

There are several illnesses that affect the hip joint that can cause hip pain in women. Here are just four of them:

1.    Arthritis

Arthritis, specifically osteoarthritis, is the most common cause of chronic hip pain in women. This type of arthritis is caused by regular wear and tear and can affect people as they age. Essentially, the ball-and-socket joint wears out and can lead to stiffness and swelling in the joint.

2.    Hip Fractures

Hip fractures are a common occurrence in older women, especially if they suffer from osteoporosis, which leads to decreased bone density. A hip fracture can lead to pain when moving your leg and it can also cause your toes on the side of the injured hip to turn outward.

Woman with bad hip


3.    Tendonitis

Tendons around the hip help connect the joint to the muscles. When you overuse them or participate in strenuous activities, these tendons can become inflamed. The most common cause of tendonitis in the hip joint is iliotibial band syndrome, which is especially common in runners.

4.    Gynecological and Back Issues

Gynecological and back issues can also contribute to hip pain in women, so it’s important not to simply assume it’s because of arthritis or tendonitis. Some women can also mistake pelvic tenderness (due to endometriosis) for hip pain. Similarly, sciatica, resulting from a pinched nerve, can also cause pain in the left or right hip.

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