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4 Cold-Weather Activities That Could Lead to Orthopedic Injuries This Season

The cold weather has arrived here in the Clear Lake, Texas, area, and many people are getting ready to enjoy their favorite cold-weather activities. However, some of these activities can result in an orthopedic injury. At Houston Physicians’ Hospital, we understand that no one wants to miss out on the season because of an injury, so we’ve laid out some tips about protecting your bones while doing cold-weather activities:


  1. Raking Leaves

This common seasonal chore can end up causing an orthopedic injury. Bending over for long periods of time to rake the leaves out of your yard can quickly lead to over-exertion which, in turn, can cause pain in several areas of the body. According to the Anne Arundel Medical Center, doctors treated over 42,000 raking-related injuries in 2014, and many are a result of over-exertion (1). To avoid an orthopedic injury while doing this essential activity this season, be sure to take several breaks and stretch your body for 10 minutes once you’re done. This helps keep the muscles loose and prevents an over-exertion injury.



  1. Driving

This season often brings an increased number of cars on the road, with people traveling for the holidays and holiday shopping. The additional traffic can leave you at risk for being involved in a collision as you drive which can lead to a potentially severe orthopedic injury. The Journal of Trauma and Acute Care Surgery states that there is a high rate of severe hip dislocations that occur in motor vehicle collisions (2). This is often the result of slick roads and the increased amount of people on the road. Be sure to always remain alert when driving, and always adapt your driving habits when roadway conditions are rough.



  1. Slipping on Icy Surfaces

The first freeze of the season has already arrived, and we’re in for more cold weather as fall turns into winter. Because of this, ice forming on surfaces such as sidewalks or driveways can pose a risk for a fall that results in an orthopedic injury. When conditions are right for ice, be sure to take some safety measures that will prevent a fall. The journal, Accident Analysis and Prevention, suggests using shoes that are slip-preventative which can help reduce the risk of injury and can result in less severe consequences if a fall does occur (3).



  1. Playing Cold-Weather Sports

Whether you enjoy playing a game of football with your family on Thanksgiving, or you are a member of a seasonal sports team, it’s important to keep the safety of your bones in mind. The best way to protect your bones when playing sports this season is to use the proper safety gear. This can protect your bones from falls and other sports-related trauma and prevent an orthopedic injury from occurring.


The cold weather is here, but it doesn’t mean that your bones have to suffer this season. As a leading orthopedic hospital for Webster, Texas, and the surrounding areas, Houston Physicians’ Hospital can take care of all of your orthopedic treatment needs this season. Give us a call at (281) 557-5620, or find a physician here.