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3 Common Types of Hip Pain That You Should Know About

Hip pain is one of the biggest causes of musculoskeletal discomfort in the United States, affecting mostly middle-aged and older adults. It results in a sharp aching at or around the hip joint and can be categorized into three main types of pain.

Let’s take a closer look at these categories.

x-ray scan of the hip joint

Anterior Hip Pain

Anterior hip pain refers to the pain experienced at the front of the hip that is felt within the groin area. It may be caused by a bone fracture, an infection, or inflammation within the hip joint. The region directly in front of the head of the femur is affected by anterior hip pain, and the aching may extend toward the anterior superior iliac spine.

This form of hip pain is often difficult to diagnose because several different structures within the hip joint can produce similar pain. There are, however, a couple of hip ailments that indicate anterior hip pain. These include hip arthritis, hip fracture, hip flexor strain, hip labral tear, bursitis, and infected hip joint.

Posterior Hip Pain

Posterior hip pain typically results from an issue within the muscles, ligaments, or tendons around the hip joint. The pain is experienced in the region just outside the buttock area as opposed to in the hip joint itself.

Posterior hip pain is a frequent complaint among older individuals. In many cases, people who experience posterior hip pain have previously encountered pain in the sacroiliac joint or lumbar spine and are seeking treatment for it. Thus, posterior hip pain may manifest as hamstring strain, piriformis syndrome, or sacroiliac joint pain.

hip pain can affect your ability to stay active

Lateral Hip Pain

Lateral hip pain affects the outer region or the side of the hip joint, as opposed to the front or back of the hip. The pain tends to develop suddenly around the outer hip area. This usually occurs when a person sustains an injury at the side of the joint.

In other cases, lateral hip pain may develop more gradually due to joint overuse. Daily physical activities such as walking, sitting, and moving around involve the hips. Overexertion of the joint can result in trochanteric bursitis or snapping hip syndrome, causing lateral hip pain.

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