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Sports Medicine

Houston Physicians' Hospital’s Sports Medicine

Houston Physicians’ Hospital’s sports medicine program focuses on athletic performance improvement, injury recovery, and injury prevention. However, our sports medicine services are not just limited to those involved in athletics. We also treat amateur athletes, those wanting to improve the results of their exercise program, those suffering from injuries, and those with disabilities wanting to increase mobility. Even those in physically demanding jobs, such as construction workers can benefit from Houston Physicians’ Hospital’s sports medicine program. Many doctors and physicians play a role in our program. Our Physical Therapists assist in the rehabilitation and recovery of injuries, and our Athletic Trainers provide athletes with exercise and conditioning routines to prevent further injuries. Additionally, our Nutritionists can provide dietary advice to help people improve their physical functions. At Houston Physicians’ Hospital, our sports medicine program utilizes a wide range of medical focuses to help form a comprehensive treatment plan.

Common Athletic Pain

Common types of athletic pain include:

Symptoms Sports Medicine Can Treat

The who experience the follows symptoms may benefit from sports medicine:
  • Performance-affecting pain
  • Poor balance following a head injury
  • Muscle swelling
  • Muscle stiffness
  • Pain that increases with movement
Houston Physicians' Hospital Sports Medicine Treatments In Webster

While some patients experience mild symptoms, those whose symptoms are severe and affect daily life should seek the help of a sports medicine specialist. Additionally, those who have suffered a head injury should immediately seek the help of a medical professional to rule out any serious injury.

Types of Sports Medicine

Because of the variety of medical specialties that contribute to sports medicine, there are many types.

However, some of the most common are:

If you have suffered a complicated overuse injury during training, have a chronic condition, or need surgery due to your injury, it may be best to seek out a sports medicine specialist.

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Importance of Treatment

We at Houston Physicians’ Hospital believe in getting you back to the sports and activities you love.

Your sports medicine appointment with a Board-Certified Physician will help navigate you to the proper medical care and rehabilitation you need. We believe in looking at each patient on an individual basis and creating a treatment plan based around their symptoms. These personalized treatment plans allow recovery to be as smooth as possible.

Attention You Need

Houston Physicians’ Hospital concierge approach to sports injuries allows patients to receive the medical assessment and personalized attention they need. Every injury is different and warrants different treatment. Our Sports Medicine Liaison, former professional baseball player Scott Sheldon, is dedicated to providing the individualized attention and care required to make recovery as quick and easy as possible. Formerly with the Texas Rangers, Scott has received the benefits of direct access to health care and understands the importance of this access as a parent, coach, and weekend exercise warrior.