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Treating Snapping Hip

How do I treat snapping hip?

Since snapping hip is another form of hip tendonitis, it can usually heal with rest and other home remedies. Snapping hip is more often seen in younger patients who are active in athletic-type activities. Dancers, soccer players, gymnasts and other athletes may suddenly hear snapping from the hip. Snapping and chronic hip pain are some of the initial signs that the body needs a break from its normal routine. Rest can heal the tendons and hip pain symptoms from severe overuse. Other remedies for snapping hip pain include the following:

  • Applying heat or ice to the hip that is snapping
  • Resting from sports or other physical activity that uses the hip muscles
  • Slowly stretch the hip joint and muscles to relieve pain problems
  • Taking anti-inflammatory pain relief medicine like ibuprofen

Caring for the condition early on can reduce swelling and eliminate the snapping sound. Early treatment can also prevent snapping hip from turning into chronic tendonitis. A change in the patient’s daily routine will give the hip tendons time to heal.

What if I need further treatment for snapping in my hip?

If Houston Physicians’ Hospital patients hear consistent snapping or popping from the hip joint, do not let this symptom continue without a diagnosis. Further treatment will be necessary if a patient does not alter their exercise and level of physical activity. Snapping hip starts with minor pain and an occasional snap. Snapping with every hip motion means that the condition is getting worse. If snapping hip turns into chronic tendonitis, this condition may need the help of medical professionals, such as the physicians at Houston Physicians’ Hospital, to heal.

There are nonsurgical options available during the early stages of snapping hip. Surgery may be the only option remaining if a patient lets the hip tendons suffer from chronic inflammation. Our hip specialists or sports medicine physicians will examine the hip with imaging and observations. If snapping hip grows into tendonitis, Houston Physicians’ Hospital recommends total hip replacement.

Do I have to have surgery for snapping hip?

Total hip replacement is a suggestion only for chronic snapping hip. Our physicians will look to physical therapy before any surgical treatment. Our physical therapy programs improve motion, strength, speed and the patient’s overall condition. Even though snapping hip may require weeks away from sports activity, patients can return quickly with special therapeutic exercise.

Surgery is not usually seen as an immediate option for dancer’s hip. Above all, our physicians will suggest stretching, strengthening and other light exercises. A recovery center can help motivate the patient during their rehabilitation. Our physical therapists share the same goal as our patients: return to normal functioning and healthy hips.