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Treating Hip Athritis

What can I do to treat my hip arthritis?

Arthritis is a chronic pain condition that can affect any joint in the body, especially the hips and knees. Chronic hip arthritis cannot heal completely by itself. The symptoms from hip arthritis may appear and disappear over time. With a more severe hip arthritis diagnosis, this type of pain will be persistent and need special attention. At first, patients may be able to somewhat manage their hip pain symptoms before turning into a chronic condition. At home, Houston Physicians’ Hospital patients can use the following forms of hip arthritis treatments:

  • Icing the hip to relieve swelling or burning pain
  • Resting with a heating pad over the hip relieve tightness
  • Slowing stretching the hips and legs out
  • Taking over-the-counter pain relief medicine

If patients start noticing a similar pattern from their chronic hip pain, these at-home treatments may only temporarily help with hip arthritis pain. Hip arthritis that has gone onto a certain point of chronic pain may need medical attention from a specialized Houston Physicians’ Hospital physician.

What if I need further treatment for arthritis in my hip?

It is common for patients suffering with chronic hip arthritis to seek further treatment options. At-home remedies can only do so much for hip arthritis symptoms. Our hip specialists can diagnosis the cause of chronic hip pain with X-rays, blood work, and a physical exam. Chronic hip pain can relate to other conditions, so your Houston Physicians’ Hospital physician will search for the exact cause.

For patients suffering with disabling hip arthritis, a total hip replacement may be necessary. Surgical treatment for a total hip replacement depends on the patient and the severity of their condition. During surgery, our physicians will remove the arthritic hip and replace it with an artificial hip joint. These artificial hip replacements are usually made of some form of metal or plastic.

Do I have to have surgery for hip arthritis?

Houston Physicians’ Hospital’s surgical treatment is available for candidates with next-level hip arthritis, but patients do have nonsurgical treatment options as well. Our nonsurgical treatment and recovery for hip arthritis includes rehabilitation like physical therapy or other forms of therapeutic exercises. Our physical therapists will design the entire rehabilitation process for patients with chronic hip arthritis. Once the patient begins treatment, our coaches will encourage them and oversee their progress.

Houston Physicians’ Hospital physicians will often recommend physical therapy for patients with hip arthritis. A physical therapy schedule can benefit total hip replacement patients. Adjusting to the new hip and healing will take time and support. Patients with an arthritic hip should consider routine physical therapy appointments or rehabilitation services with Houston Physicians’ Hospital.