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Hip Arthritis

What is arthritis of the hip?

In general, osteoarthritis is a chronic pain condition that involves joint pain from the wear down of cartilage around the bones. Arthritis of the hip is the same problem. So, whenever a patient walks or moves the hip joint, bones rub together without any cartilage support. The pelvis and femur bones roughly grind up against each other when a patient suffers from hip arthritis. This is a chronic hip pain condition that keeps patients from walking and little hip activity.

What causes hip arthritis?

Hip arthritis comes from any activity or disease that breaks down cartilage around the hip joint. As patients age and participate in normal physically activity, the hip cartilage will naturally deteriorate. If patients are active in high-intensity sports, this may break down hip cartilage even more. More patients with hip arthritis are 50 years or older. Early onset arthritis is also a condition with chronic hip pain. Some hip arthritis causes include:

  • Obesity or any extra weight on the hips
  • Natural aging of hip bones, joints and cartilage
  • Normal wear and tear of the cartilage
  • Repetitive motion or overuse of the hip joint
  • Serious trauma to the hip joint or previous hip injuries

A patients’ lifestyle may be responsible for the cause of hip arthritis symptoms, but previous injuries may also harm the hip cartilage.

How do I know if I have arthritis in my hip?

There are general symptoms of hip arthritis like chronic hip pain, but there are more specific symptoms as well. A hip arthritis diagnosis may start with small symptoms like occasional aches or pain. If arthritis turns into a chronic hip pain condition, there will be specific hip arthritis symptoms that patients can look for. The most common hip arthritis symptoms are:

  • Burning pain around the hip, buttocks or thighs
  • Feeling stiffness or tightness in the morning or after sitting
  • Hip inflammation and swelling around the joint
  • Limping when walking or leaning more toward one side

Chronic hip arthritis is a painful condition that will worsen over time. The cartilage will continue to fade away until there is nothing but bare bones remaining. Missing cartilage around the hips bones leads to hip arthritis symptoms if there is no form of treatment.

How do I prevent hip arthritis?

The natural aging process will have minor hip pain. Therefore, preventing hip arthritis altogether may not be possible, but avoiding chronic hip pain is more likely. Patients can make lifestyle changes that slow down arthritis along with hip arthritis symptoms. To prevent a chronic hip arthritis diagnosis, patients can try the following tips:

  • Get regular exercise each day that stretches the hip joint
  • Give your body a chance to rest after high-intensity sports or activity
  • Learn how to safely lift heavy weights
  • Talk to your doctor about a comfortable weight for your body